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Times change, but our dedication to perfecting our services never will. Our highly personalized advisory, combined with authentic daily services of the highest quality, embodies a unrevealed  busienss partner for those who know and appreciate the best. As the firm has grown from Italy to more than 40 countries, our deeply instilled culture, personified by our employees, continues to get stronger. Over more than 20 years, our people have built an unrivalled depth of reliability, trust and connection with our clients – a connection we will steadfastly uphold, now and always.

Global Business Insight Awards 2018 

BCS has been selected as Best in Tax Law 2018 - Italy.

The 2018 Global Business Insight Awards celebrate business leadership, innovation in finance and investment and sector success across all seven continents of the world. Their awards endeavour to identify and celebrate those who fall within the Business Insight umbrella, whilst not forgetting the advisors who helped them get there!

Ensuring that the award evaluation process is neutral and valid, is a key priority and as a consequence votes are gathered year-round via a number of digital channels and then evaluated employing a transparent and dynamic framework.

For each of the awards programs they utilise quantitative and qualitative studies which have been conducted by their experienced research teams and by measuring each business against a precise set of appraisal criteria, they have created a unique model which assures the validity of their results.

The criteria and sub-criteria offer a robust set of requirements that are then used as the methodology to not only benchmark but also create a depth of understanding amidst the participating businesses, ultimately allowing them to ensure that they capture different dimensions of the same phenomenon.



Acquisition International - Tax Awards 2016 - Recognised learders in tax law - Italy


Press release from the editor 


BCS is renowned for providing clients with a wide range of expert services, and both domestic and international clients can always count on a skilled and experienced team of experts for all accounting, tax, finance, compliance, corporate and employment law, payroll processing matters just in one firm. Our clients are varied and include Italian Groups and SMEs with operations abroad, as well as foreign corporations with operations in Italy. Our main role is to advise our clients on several tax matters, starting from the simple filing of tax returns to transfer pricing regulations, tax litigations, and tax planning both in Italy and internationally. The firm is unique because whilst many Italian Accountants and Tax Advisors focus only on Italy, we are able to assist our clients for all the services we delivered in more than 40 countries around the world with just one point of contact, always keeping reasonable prices. Ultimately our people are our most valuable resource and as such we usually seek for people working in our Italian offices on the base of the curricula we receive very day and choose just highest standards persons. Foreign affiliate offices are chosen on the base of a short list selection, visiting them periodically in order to check if they are meeting our standards. Moving forward we are confident in a small increase of our annual turnover in the next few years, although it will be probably made with a lower number of clients. We are growing with an increased turnover per client instead of a bigger number of clients and we have a few interesting operations in the pipeline that could increase the dimension of some of our existing clients.



Batini Colombo Saottini turned 15 on February 20th 2015




We are proud and happy of this goal: 15 years near to our clients and their business, 15 year of success and satisfactions, 15 years of growth and stregthening in the local market as well as in an international evironment.


For these achievemnets we'd like to thank all our workforce and our teams of professionals who allowed this happening, we'd like to thank our clients who believed in us and are still with us after all these years, we'd like to thank the local business community that embraced us and allowed us to grow.



International Acquisition Magazine  - Tax 100 2014

ACQUISITION INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE TAX 100 Awards celebrate excellence within the financial and legal profession across all areas of expertise. These prestigious international awards recognise tax firms, tax teams and the rising stars of tomorrow for their contribution to client service and for their experience and skills across key practice areas and sectors. AIM prides itself on the validity of its awards and its winners and the awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work over the last 12 months. These global awards recognise the outstanding achievements of individuals and companies within the tax industry, and crucially, they are nominated by their clients, their professional relationships and their peers. AI’s Tax Awards identify and honour success, innovation and ethics across international communities. “Our Tax Award winners provide the highest quality services with unmatched professionalism and dedication to their clients,” said Siobhan Hanley, chief coordinator of the International Tax Awards. “Their continued success in uncertain and challenging economic conditions demonstrates their strength and skill.”

Here below we publish the press release issued by AIM on March 4th 2014: we'd like to thank all our voters. This awards makes us proud and confirms the value of our daily work at client's side.


Tax Awards 2015 - Best Tax Accountant Italy


Press Release from the Editor


"January 27th 2015


Today, we're proud to announce the winners of the Acquisition International Tax Awards 2015.The aim of the Acquisition International 2015 Tax Awards is simple: to celebrate excellence within the tax industry. To find the best of the best in this challenging industry, we've received nominations from across the globe, from small niche practices to the largest corporations. We ensure that those who do go on to win one of these highly sought-after awards have been selected on merit and are based upon the votes received, the further evidence supplied and our own in-house research. We've singled out the tax firms, tax teams and rising stars of tomorrow whose contribution to client service and experience and skills across key practice areas and sectors make them stand out from the pack."




Starting from 2011 Global Accountancy Experts (GAE) is the premier guide to leading accountants throughout the world. They are the only organisation to recommend just one accountancy expert in each key practice area and country. They do this to avoid repetition, competition and the need for extensive comparative research.

All GAE endorsed accountants must be either recommended personally, apply, or be selected by Global Accountancy Experts’ research department before they are given the opportunity to feature and be profiled on the website. It is not possible to simply buy entry onto GAE. Applicants go through an intensive research process before being passed onto the Nominations Panel for final assessment and validation. Only then are accountants invited to join Global Accountancy Experts and thus be endorsed by our organisation.

Global Accountancy Experts has become a valuable tool for business leaders, high net-worth individuals, operations directors, investors, accountants, law firms, and the general population looking for quality accounting advice in all corners of the world and in all relevant fields. They now recommend nearly 1,000 accountants from 100 countries in 25 practice areas.

It’s often easy to assume bigger means better, but that is not always the case with accountancy firms; boutique practices specialise in just one field and as a result can often offer the same (if not better) advice on a more personal level at a typically lower hourly rate – Global Accountancy Experts looks at the independent accountants and accountancy firms as well as the full service ‘big players’ in the market to showcase an in-depth cross section of quality international advisers to suit a variety needs and budgets.

Anyone involved in business or independently may need to gain accounting advice at some juncture of their life. Their simple yet effective search system allows users to identify a credible accountancy adviser instantly for the field and geographical location required. GAE is designed to make the arduous process of searching for a competent accountant on a global level as straightforward as possible with no fees or delays.



Global Accountancy Experts 2011
Bloomberg BNA - from 2013
Mondaq - from 2012

Launched in August 1994, Mondaq is one of the most comprehensive electronic resource of professionals' knowledge and expertise. It provides legal, regulatory and financial commentary and information supplied directly by hundreds of the world's leading professional advisors from over 80 countries. The purpose of the service is to facilitate better online communication and contact between leading advisory firms and organisations or individuals in need of specialist professional expertise.


Mondaq is more than just a web site. While the site itself has over 200,000 registered users, this is merely the tip of the distribution iceberg. Beyond publishing articles on the Mondaq site, we also feed all of our content onto a network of additional distribution channels, including the world's leading online proprietary databases. Mondaq is also aligned with content syndicators and key business web sites (including Google News), which together ensure Mondaq's place as the world's leading distributor for legal, financial and regulatory information.

The aim of Bloomberg BNA Tax and Accounting Center is to provide exceptional tax guidance. Built on the foundation of their renowned Tax Management Portfolios™, theTax and Accounting Center is a tax planning resource that provides in-depth analysis from outside experts, time-saving practice tools, news, and primary sources. The Tax and Accounting Center also provides you with the flexibility you need to access content covering federal, state, and international taxation, estate planning, and financial accounting topics.




The Tax Management Portfolios™ are written by leading tax practitioners and cover virtually every tax topic with deep analysis, real world examples, working papers, and the perspectives you need to make informed decisions you can’t get anywhere else.





The latest news, trends, and issues affecting the tax and accounting professions – with insights from expert tax and accounting practitioners – helps you keep up-to-date with all major tax-related federal, state, and international legislative, regulatory, judicial, and policy developments.






Our popular Chartbuilders, Fast Answers, and Navigators provide you with real-world examples so you can get the right answers for your client’s specific tax issue or situation quickly. In addition, the practice tools are fully integrated with the Tax Management Portfolios, tying your research together and enabling you to map out tax strategies efficiently.





Go straight to all the primary sources you need to stay compliant. From Internal Revenue Codes, regulations and procedures, to state laws and international tax treatises, our collection of primary sources are fully accessible and fully integrated with the Tax Management Portfolios, Chartbuilders, commentary, and analysis.

Corporate International Global Awards

The awards commemorate those who have been successful over the past 12 months and who have shown excellence not only in expertise but in service.


For all their awards they have undertaken detailed research viatheir independent research and editorial teams. They then create a shortlist of up to 5 potential winners in each category.


The shortlisted parties have been carefully scrutinized. They focus on service type, service range, business type, geographical location, how the business operates and the expertise each team can offer to companies that either trade or may want to trade in their chosen jurisdiction.


The shortlisted firms are then reviewed by an independent awards panel in each country with the eventual winners chosen by that independent panel.


Their awards therefore promote leading firms in their chosen specialisms throughout the world. As Corporate INTL magazine is read by business leaders, investors and advisers globally it’s a huge accolade for those firms that are awarded as winners in their specific categories. Once the winners have been announced and each team has received notice of their award win, a special publication is launched to commemorate the awards and to announce the winners globally.

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